12 December 2015

I'm moving to wordpress after a year of rest.

I have been thinking a lot what to say and what to write but I am simply lost. This has been my refuge and  has been a part of my survival while I am trying to fit in my new home here in Belgium. As an immigrant with very little contact to my direct surroundings, learning a new language and new culture and new people took a lot of time, effort and emotion. Realizing along the way that I hardly shares interest with the other Filipina girls around me was a frustrating reality. I had a feeling that because of my penchant to do things differently ; I created a wall around me which is either too thick or too close to be reach. Some people was worried about me, thinking its so lonely being alone. On the other hand, sometimes I felt I am lost in a big partying crowd. Sometimes I am in a trance, other times I want and I tried to fit in. More often than not : I just wanted to be left alone and do my own things. Nevertheless I explode into full enthusiasm whenever I am with people who shares my own idiosyncrasies. I am not totally un-sociable at all. I just want to be with people who understands me and appreciates the uniqueness and individualities all people have. I want to learn, doe and share, probably a little bit encouragement here and there is what I always search for. Its not a real goodbye to my old blog. It will be my cross reference to what I have already been materialized before, so that I can further work on the things I would have been done had I have a chance and time. I thank everyone who had followed me along the years. and I welcome those who accidentally will come across my new page  https://mysewmuchmoreandstitcheries.blog/ To those  of you who will follow me to wordpress. Welcome and Thank You.

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